Pictures of Products

Viscous fan clutches.

Radiator caps.

Radiator caps.

Pressure caps for high pressure cooling systems.

Radiator brass tanks for older type vehicles.

Static fan blades for trucks.

12 Volt electric fans for radiators and air con condensers.

Auto air con evaporators.

Air con condensers for cars and trucks.

Copper and brass tube.One side lipped or lipped both sides.For copper brass radiators.

Filler neck pipe fitting for engine modifications.

Fan switch pipe fitting for engine modifications.

Aluminium filler neck pipe.

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Brass type filler necks. Nippy medium and large.

Pictures of Radiators & Related Services

Aluminium fuel tanks repairs and rebuilds for race cars, kit cars,trucks, industrial machinery, generators, boats, and special applications.Custom built aluminium radiators for bikes, cars,trucks, microlight aeroplane, generators ect. Aluminium plastic tank radiators. Copper core brass tank radiators.

Gallion grader radiator. Fitted with witnell removable tubes and grommets.

Jeep cherokee 4.7 v8 radiator. Fitted with special built aluminium tank left side.

Komatsu radiator before.

Komatsu radiator after.

Industrial oil cooler.

Jhon deere tractor radiator before clean and repair.

Jhon deere tractor radiator after clean and repair.

Fuel tank before.

Fuel tank after.

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Custom Built

Pictures of custom built radiators & related products.

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Custom Rads & Repairs.

Customer related work undertaken and completed by Radiator-City.

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